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rouletteRoulette is going to be one of the easiest game table games that you can play online, and it is certainly a game on which in a small number of spins of the roulette wheel you could, if everything falls into place, win some very large amounts of cash even when you are playing or very low stake amounts.

Roulette is actually available to play at many online and mobile casino sites as a real money game, however there are a range of different roulette games that you can choose to play. Some roulette games offer a range of special side bets which you can place which are unique to those variants.

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However, the house edges on those bonus side bets are often way too large for most players to ever want to place! The best type of roulette game you can play will be dependent on just which type of bets you want to play.

Even money bets are available on all roulette games and if you like placing those best on red or black for example then play the French Roulette game, if you enjoy placing any other type of bet on a roulette game then stick to playing the European Roulette game as those two variants have the lowest house edges on the betting opportunities available upon them

Where to Play Real Money Online Roulette

If you wish to playing roulette online for real money then you will of course need to locate and play at a casino site that has the variants you are looking to play on offer, and also a site that will award you comps when playing that table game in a real money playing environment.

Loco Panda Casino – One casino site that is always going to shower you with playing comps is the Loco Panda Casino site and as they have a range of roulette games that offer different chip value settings then you are going to be able to configure the blackjack games to play exactly how you want them to play in regards to the stakes you are playing for.

Rich Casino – There is a lot to like about the Rich Casino site for they accept players from many different countries and have a reputation as being a very fast paying casino site. That means you will always be paid very quickly if you do have a winning roulette playing session!

Grand Parker Casino – The Grand Parker Casino site is another site at which you are going to find some great playing roulette games, you will have the options of testing out their roulette games for free before you play them for real money so you will be able to get a true feel for the way their roulette games all play and pay. In fact this casino set does have a generous comp club and as such you should earn plenty of free playing credits if you do like playing roulette for real money!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What new roulette games can I play online?

    If you want to play a new type of roulette game that you may never have come across online before then at Playtech powered casino sites they have a Mini Roulette game, which only has 12 numbers on the wheel and one single zero, but the house edge on that game is high, so it may be a game to avoid player for that very reason!

  2. What house edges am I up against?

    Every individual variant of Roulette available online will have its own different house edge, 1.35% is the house edge on the even money paying bets on the French Roulette game, when playing the European Roulette game the house edge on all wagers is 2.70% but the American Roulette has the highest house edge for that games has two zeros and the house edge on that game is huge at 5.26%.

  3. Can I adjust the chip values?

    You can play around with the chip value settings when playing online roulette games but the minimum and maximum stale are going to vary depending on just which online casino sites you choose to play at. Be aware that most casinos will have a minimum bet per spin of just 1.00 however some of our approved casino sites will let you lower the chip value settings down much lower, so look for those casino sites if you are a low stake Roulette player!

  4. Will I be rewarded for my gaming action?

    Every single licensed and regulated online casinos listed upon this website are going to give their new players access to sign up bonuses and ongoing bonuses will also be available to you at those casino sites. You need to read the rules of each casino bonus you are thinking of accepting for not all bonuses can be used on Roulette games. However, you will be earning comp points whenever you play any type of online Roulette games for real money.

  5. Which Playtech powered casinos are recommended?

    Europa Casino offers their players a full suite of online roulette games, and when playing at this casino site it is the Playtech suite of casino games you will be accessing. We have reviewed this top rated online casino site on our website so take a look at that review to find out what other Playtech designed and supplied casino games you are going to be able to play if you decide to play there.

  6. How much can I win form one spin

    The sky is the limit in regards to what you can win from one spin when playing progressive roulette but standard roulette game will enable you to place a range of different bets and wager onto the roulette table. However, the highest paying one you can place is a straight up number bet. By placing a chip on one single number if that number is then spin in you will then be paid out at odds of 35 to 1 on the amount you wagered on that single number.

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