Live Blackjack real money Casino sites with Live Dealers

Live BlackjackBeing able to play a game of blackjack against real life dealers dealing out real physical cards but from your own home is now possible thanks to the live dealer gaming platforms that many online casinos sites now have on offer to their players.

You will be able to place bets on those blackjack games via your computer and then watch the game via a live video stream, however when it is your turn to place a bet you simply click on the betting box or betting decision button you wish to play off and the dealer will then play that hand as you have requested.

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As with all blackjack games you will be able to play live dealer blackjack for a stake level of your own choosing and the game play rules are such that you are simply tasked with trying to get a high valued hand that the dealers hand but without going over 21 in value that beats the dealer’s hand.

The winning payouts offered to live dealer blackjack players are much the same as when you play in a land based or online casino site and those payouts are 3 to 2 for a winning players blackjack hand and even money for all other winning players hand.

You will also be offered the insurance bet when playing blackjack in a live dealer playing environment and those bets when placed will, if they are successful, payout at odds of 2 to 1.

Where to Play Live Dealer Blackjack

The live gaming platforms which you will need to access if you wish play live dealer blackjack games online are not available at all casino sites, and with that in mind below you will find three of the very best online casinos that do have a live dealer gaming platform on offer.

Royal Vegas Casino – If you want to be able to play live dealer blackjack for low stake amounts then a Microgaming software powered casino site is going to allow you to do just that, the Royal Vegas Casino site has some very busy live dealer blackjack tables but there will always be enough of them open to ensure you can play those games whenever you get the urge to!

888 Casino – Having been around since the very start of online gaming the 888 Casino site has grown into one of the biggest and most played at online casino sites. They guarantee that all of their players are always going to be able to access and play the exact types of casino games they wish to play and that does of course mean that they have a live dealer gaming platform on offer to all of their players.

Europa Casino – If you like the way the Playtech gaming platforms work and operate you will not be alone, as Playtech software powered casinos are very popular with players. The Europa Casino site offers players lots of different live dealer games and their low house edge live dealer blackjack game is always worth playing.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What RTG Blackjack game has the Lowest House Edge?

    Real Time Gaming have many different Blackjack game variants available, however as a player you will always want to play the games which have the very lowest house edge. If you do play at Loco Panda Casino which is a Real Time Gaming powered casino then the variant on offer which has the lowest house edge is the Blackjack Surrender game which when played optimally returns a house edge of 0.40%.

  2. What Stakes and Payouts are offer on Blackjack Games?

    You will find the most commonly available minimum stake levels offered on any Blackjack game is 1.00 per hand played, multi hand games with let you play four or five hands, the maximum stake available on high limit tables are 1000.00 per hand. The payouts you will receive on all standard Blackjack games are even money for all non Blackjack hands, 3 to 2 for a winning players’ Blackjack hand and insurance if offered pays out at 2 to 1.

  3. What Blackjack games have the highest house edge?

    Microgaming have lots of different Blackjack games which you are going to be able to play but when it comes to you having the best winning opportunities you need to avoid their games on which you will find a high house edge. With that in mind if you do decide to play at a casino site such as the Royal Vegas Casino then one Blackjack game variant that you should never play is the Super-Fun 21 game which has a house edge of 0.94%!

  4. Where Can I Play NetEnt Blackjack Games?

    888 Casino has the NetEnt Blackjack games on offer and as such that is going to be the ideal casino site to visit if you fancy giving some of the many different NetEnt designed and supplied Blackjack games any amount of play time in a real money playing environment. 888 Casino offer new players a generous deposit match bonus and when playing their Blackjack games for real money you will earn comp points based on just how much you wager.

  5. How should I play a Pair of Aces?

    A pair of Aces when they have been dealt out to should only be played in one way, and that is to split them. Beware that there are lots of different Blackjack game variants and the best way to play each hand may be different, however when playing the European Blackjack game which is one of the most commonly available Blackjack game variants that is the best way to play those hand combinations!

  6. What is the worst Blackjack bet?

    No matter what Blackjack game variants you choose to play the worst bet you can make when playing those games is for you to take the insurance wager when it has been offered to you by the dealer. The Insurance payout odds are 2 to 1, that may seen attractive, however the house edge on that bet is truly enormous and it is a poor wager to place, so never do place it on any real money Blackjack game you have chosen to play!