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Real Money Roulette

rouletteThe attraction to every player of the very popular casino table game of roulette is that you can win some huge amounts of cash for a very small stake amounts. If you own an iPad then much like every other type of mobile device you will find that you can download an app onto that device that will let you play every type of casino game you could ever wish to play.

However, due to the slightly larger screen size of an iPad when compared to most other mobile devices that does of mean you will have a much better gaming experience when using that device to play games such as roulette.

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As you are also going to find the stake levels and chip values are adjustable on mobile roulette games when playing this popular table game on an iPad you are going to be able to play them for low stakes or much higher stake levels.

There are many different variants on offer to plays at all online casino sites and you will find French Roulette, Europe Roulette and American Roulette games as well as several different variants on which some form of bonus bets can be placed.

However, you are going to be getting a much lower house edge if you choose to play the single zero variants and they have a lower house edge than the double zero mobile roulette games such as American Roulette.

Best Real Money iPad Roulette to Play

When it comes to you selecting a roulette game to play on your iPad you will come across quite a number of different variants, and below we have listed several of the most commonly available roulette games on offer at a large number of different mobile casino sites.

French Roulette – The French Roulette game is going to be the perfect game to play if you like placing low risk even money paying bets as whenever a zero is spun in you will get half of your stake back on the even money paying bets or those bets will remain in place for the next spin of the wheel.

Progressive Roulette – Progressive Roulette will require you to place a bonus bet onto the Roulette betting layout and when playing these games if a certain series of numbers are spun in a certain way then you will win the progressive jackpot via that bonus bet.

European Roulette – The house edge on the Europe Roulette game makes it a popular choice of game for many players as with only one zero on the wheel you will not be playing a game offering a high house edge!

American Roulette – Be wary of playing the American Roulette game as this game does come with a high house edge and the reason for that high house edge is that you will find there is not one zero in play on the wheel but two of them, one a single zero and the other a double zero!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What is the highest paying bet you can place on a Roulette game?

    Playing non progressive roulette games will enable you to place a range of different bets and wager onto the roulette table. However, the highest paying one you can place is a straight up number bet. By placing a chip on one single number if that number is then spin in you will then be paid out at odds of 35 to 1 on the amount you wagered on that single number.

  2. How much can I win from one spin?

    The basic types of roulette games are going to give you the chance of winning a payout worth 35 to 1 of your wagered amount when you place a bet on any one number. However, there are several new roulette games which have a range of bonus bets on offer, and if you end up playing a progressive jackpot variant then there is no limit on how much you could win from one spin!

  3. What house edges are offered on Roulette Games?

    Each different roulette game that you will come across will have its own different house edge, 1.35% is the house edge on the even money paying bets on the French Roulette game, when playing the European Roulette game the house edge on all wagers is 2.70% but the American Roulette has the highest house edge for that games has two zeros and the house edge on that game is huge at 5.26%.

  4. What stakes can I play iPad Roulette games for?

    The stake levels that are going to be available to you if and when you start to play iPad compatible Roulette games are going to vary depending on just which mobile casino sites you choose to play at. Be aware that most casinos will have a minimum bet per spin of just 1.00 however some mobile casino sites will let you lower the chip value settings down much lower, so look for those casino sites if you are a low rolling Roulette player!

  5. Are comps and bonuses awarded to iPad Roulette players?

    All of the mobile casino sites that are fully reviewed on this website are going to give their new players access to sign up bonuses and ongoing bonuses will also be available to you at those casino sites. You need to read the rules of each casino bonus you are thinking of accepting for not all bonuses can be used on Roulette games. However, you will be earning comp points whenever you play iPad Roulette games for real money.

  6. Which Microgaming powered casinos are recommended?

    All slots Casino offers their players a fully iPad compatible mobile gaming platform, and when playing at this casino site it is the Microgaming suite of casino games you will be accessing. We have reviewed this iPad compatible casino site on our website so take a look at that review to find out what other Microgaming designed and supplied casino games you are going to be able to play if you decide to play there.

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