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Real Money Blackjack

blackjackiPhone users are going to have quite a large range of different blackjack game variants that they can access, and it is always the case you need to be on the lookout for the variants that will see you getting the house edge down to the very lowest amount when selecting just which game to play.

It is both the game play rules and you being able to play each hand perfectly that is going to determine the house edge on any iPhone compatible blackjack game you play and this is what we are going to help you with in this mobile card game playing guide.

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As you will discover as you take a look around our website we have lots of different mobile casino sites available, we have reviewed each one of them on this website and below you will find details of which are the very best blackjack games to play on your iPhone and which casino site you should be playing those games at.

Just make sure that if you are new to playing blackjack you do master the art of playing every hand dealt out to your perfectly as that is going to be the only way you get the lowest house edge available on any variant you do end up playing. Bonuses and comps are of course available to iPhone users and with that in mind keep on reading to find out more.

Best Real Money iPhone Blackjack to Play

If you are now more than happy to get stuck into playing blackjack on your iPhone then let us now give you a few pointers in regards the game you should be looking to play and also give you some advise in regards to how you play off certain hands that will be dealt out to you.

Never Split Tens – As soon you are dealt out certain hand combinations when playing blackjack on an iPhone you should always play those hands in a certain way. Take for example when you have been dealt out a pair of ten valued cards, the optional playing strategy for playing those hands states that you should never split them and always stand them, so make sure that is exactly what you do!

Low House Edge Variants – By playing off every single hand perfectly when you are playing real money blackjack then you will get the house edge down to the lowest amount possible, with that in mind make sure you do some research and only ever play the games which through their design are the games which offer perfect and optimal strategy players the lowest house edges.

Avoid Bonus Bets – Many mobile device compatible blackjack games available at some mobile casino sites will offer you some form of optional side bet wagers, and whilst the payout odds on those bonus bets can look huge and very appealing always be aware that the house edges on those side bets are going to be away higher than the base game house edge so try and avoid placing those side bets!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What Microgaming Blackjack game has the Lowest House Edge?

    Microgaming have many different Blackjack game variants available, however as a player you will always want to play the games which have the very lowest house edge. If you do play at Royal Vegas Casino which is a Microgaming powered casino then the variant on offer which has the lowest house edge is the Classic Blackjack game which when played optimally returns a house edge of 0.13%.

  2. What Stakes and Payouts are offer on Blackjack Games?

    You will find the most commonly available minimum stake levels offered on any Blackjack game is 1.00 per hand played, multi hand games with let you play four or five hands, the maximum stake available on high limit tables are 1000.00 per hand. The payouts you will receive on all standard Blackjack games are even money for all non Blackjack hands, 3 to 2 for a winning players’ Blackjack hand and insurance if offered pays out at 2 to 1.

  3. What Blackjack games have the highest house edge?

    Real Time Gaming have lots of different Blackjack games which you are going to be able to play but when it comes to you having the best winning opportunities you need to avoid their games on which you will find a high house edge. With that in mind if you do decide to play at a casino site such as the Loco Panda Casino then one Blackjack game variant that you should never play is the Super-21 game which has a house edge of 1.20%!

  4. Where Can I Play Top Game Blackjack Games?

    Rich Casino has the Top Game Blackjack games on offer and as such that is going to be the ideal casino site to visit if you fancy giving some of the many different Top Game designed and supplied Blackjack games any amount of play time in a real money playing environment. Rich Casino offer new players a generous deposit match bonus and when playing their Blackjack games for real money you will earn comp points based on just how much you wager.

  5. What should I do with a Paid of 10’s?

    A pair of 10 valued cards when they have been dealt out to should only be played in one way, and that is to stand them. Beware that there are lots of different Blackjack game variants and the best way to play each hand may be different, however when playing the European Blackjack game which is one of the most commonly available Blackjack game variants that is the best way to play those hand combinations!

  6. What is the worst Blackjack betting decision?

    No matter what Blackjack game variants you choose to play the worst bet you can make when playing those games is for you to take the insurance wager when it has been offered to you by the dealer. The Insurance payout odds are 2 to 1, that may seen attractive, however the house edge on that bet is truly enormous and it is a poor wager to place, so never do place it on any real money Blackjack game you have chosen to play!

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