Play Real Money Asian Casino’s Japanese Solo Mahjong

japanese solo mahjongThere are many different types of unique games always on offer at Playtech software powered casinos and as such when you feel like a change from playing the usual games you tend to repeatedly play when logged into your favourite online casino then do have a good look through the casino games menu.

When you do you will come across range of Asian Games which as the name of these games suggest are usually found in Asia and are very popular with Asia based players, one of these game is the Japanese Solo Mahjong game which may be of interest to you.

All Mahjong games utilizes a set of tiles which are used to determine the outcome of any game played, and when you give the Japanese Solo Mahjong game a try you are first required to pick one of several optional stake settings at which you will be playing each game for.

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It is worth noting that this Japanese Solo Mahjong game is a very low stake game and as such you can play it for stakes of 0.01, 0.05, 0.10, 0.25 or 0.50 per game, and as such it isn’t going to be a very expensive game to play online. You will also find a free play option offered should you wish to give the game a try at no risk to see if you actually enjoy playing it!

Playing Structure of Japanese Solo Mahjong

We shall now guide you through the playing structure of Playtech’s Japanese Solo Mahjong game. Once you have chosen the stake level at which you wish to play this game for then all you have to do is to click on the New Game button, and when you do a set of thirteen tiles will be randomly chosen for you and will be dealt face up along the bottom of the screen.

Just above these thirteen tiles on the top left hand side of the game screen there is something known as a Tile Wall and on this wall a set of 24 tiles will then be dealt out onto it, all of these tiles are dealt out face downwards.

Your set of thirteen face up tiles are always dealt out in such a way that you only need one additional tile to complete a winning combination, and as such you are then given a maximum of three chances of selecting any of the twenty four face down tiles in the hope that one of them is going to help complete a winning combination.

As you select one of the twenty four face down tiles it will then be revealed and placed onto the line of thirteen tiles, if it does not help complete a winning combination a No Hand message will be displayed on the screen and that tile will then be added to the Discarded Tiles box, and you then get to pick another tile.

Should your second and third tile not complete a winning combination then the No Hand message is once again displayed on the screen and those tiles then get added to the Discarded Tiles box, and the game will then end and you will have won nothing!

If one of the three tiles you have chosen does help form a winning combination then a winning message will be displayed on the screen showing you just which winning combination you have formed and you will then be credited with that winning payout.

You are not allowed to pick any additional tiles once a winning hand has been formed, and as such if you pick a winning tile on your first pick you will be awarded the winning payout which will be instantly credited to your casino account and that game will then end, the same applies if you pick a winning tile on your second pick, you will not get to pick a third tile as the game will end once you have been credited with your winning payout.

Winning Payouts

Playtech’s game of Japanese Solo Mahjong can best be described as a very low variance type of casino game as you it does not award huge winning payouts, instead you should get steady stream of low valued winning payouts when you are playing it.

This does therefore make it an ideal game to play when you have a casino bonus in your account, and you are simply looking for a low variance type of game to play to help you work your way through the play through requirements of that bonus, however, always ensure that you are permitted to play the Japanese Solo Mahjong game with bonus credits before you start to play it, as some sites may have it listed as a disallowed game when you are playing with bonus credits!

The actual value of the winning payouts that can be awarded to you when playing this Japanese Solo Mahjong game will be determined using a points based system, and as such the total score of your winning hand combination will be used to determine just how much you will be awarded once you pick a tile that helps to complete a winning combination.

There are a total of six different winning payouts that can be won when playing this game, these are as follows: Score 700 to 7999 points and your winning payout is x1 your total staked amount. Get a winning score of 8000 to 15999 and your winning payout is x2 of your total staked amount.

A winning score of 16000 to 23999 points awards a payout of x3 your staked amount, get 24000 to 31999 points and you get a payout worth x4 of your total staked amount, the second highest winning payout is x5 of your total staked amount and this is awarded for a winning score from 32000 to 47999 and if you get a score of over 48000 your staked amount is boosted by x6.

When playing Playtech’s Japanese Solo Mahjong game you are playing a game which comes with a long term expected payout percentage of 95.48%.

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