Playing Real Money Asian Casino Games Online

Asian Casino Games Online

There are a small number of online casino games that are popular with players living in Asia, and quite aptly these games are known as Asian Games!

Online casinos that utilise the Playtech software platform have a wide and very diverse range of Asian Games available and below you will find an overview of each of these games.

Should any of these Asian Games be appealing to you then we have a set of playing guides on each of them, and to view them simply follow the respective link to view that game guide.

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Dolphin Paradise Pachinko – The best description we can give for the Dolphin Paradise game available at Playtech powered sites which is a Pachinko game is a mix of a Pinball game and a Slot game. You will be launching a set of balls onto the game screen and if any of the balls land in a certain location as it works its way down the screen you will be awarded a cash payout and will also trigger a slot type game on which several different mini games will be awarded to you, in the hope that you line up a set of matching numbered reel symbols on its paylines.

The beauty of Playtech’s unique looking Dolphin Paradise Pachinko game is that it boasts a very high payout percentage which has been certified as being 96.25%, and as such it is always a game worth playing when you fancy a change from the usual casino games you play!

Japanese Solo Mahjong – There are quite a number of different Mahjong type games available in Playtech powered casino sites, and these games use a set of tiles as the way of playing out each game. The Japanese Solo Mahjong game is a single player game on which you are given the option of playing for various stake levels and once chosen you can set the game into live play.

The aim of the game is to complete a winning tile combination, once you set the game into live play 13 tiles will be displayed on the screen and a series of winning combinations are displayed on the games pay table, this initial 13 set of tiles only needs one additional tile to be added to it to complete one of the pay table listed winning combinations, and you have to pick off three face down tiles off the Tile Wall in the hope you get to reveal a tile that helps turn the tile combination initially dealt out into a winning combination!

Japanese Solo Mahjong Pro – The Japanese Solo Mahjong Pro game has a very similar type of playing structure to the game mentioned above, however there is one main difference and this is that at the start of the game you are dealt out 14 tiles and you are faced with picking one of them to discard.

Once you have made your decision on which tile to discard you then have to select three of the 24 tiles displayed on the Tile Wall in the hope that you reveal one that helps to complete a winning combination as displayed on the games pay table.

It is worth us pointing out that this Japanese Solo Mahjong Pro game has a much higher payout percentage than the standard game above, and as such the RTP of this Pro version of the game is 97.96% which is considerably higher than the 95.48% offered on the standard game above!

WMF Solo Mahjong – You will also find the WMF Solo Mahjong game can be accessed and played at all Playtech software powered casinos, this game as the name indicates is played to the World Mahjong Federations’ rules. It is another quite easy to play game and once you have mastered all of the possible winning combinations you should have plenty of fun and winning opportunities coming your way if you choose to play it online.

This game has a lot of similarities to the Japanese Solo Mahjong game mentioned above, however this game has its roots in China and as such it is very popular with Chinese players. You can play this WMF Solo Mahjong game for one of several different stake levels and once set into live play you will be dealt out a 13 tile combination.

This combination is just one tile away from being a winning combination, and once again you are tasked with picking three of the 24 tiles which are face down on the Tile Wall and you will be hoping one of the tiles you uncover and reveal will complete the winning combination.

WMF Solo Mahjong Pro – The final Asian Game which we would like to introduce you to is Playtech’s WMF Solo Mahjong Pro game, this game is going to appeal to players who have a full and deep understanding of the way Mahjong works for once you set the game into play for one of the available player adjustable stake options, you are dealt out 14 tiles.

You need to use your knowledge of the game of Mahjong to then discard one of the tiles and leave the remaining thirteen tiles just one tile away from a winning combination of which there are many which can be formed.

Once you have opted to discard one of the tiles displayed on the initial set of fourteen tiles you then have to pick off three of the 24 tiles displayed on the Tile Wall, and as you do so you will be aiming to uncover and reveal a tile which helps you complete a winning combination, and if you manage to do just that you are awarded with the winning combination associated with that winning combination.

It should be noted that out of all of the above named Mahjong games this WMF Solo Mahjong Pro game has the highest payout percentage and when played optimally you will be playing a game which returns a very healthy and high 98.09% payout percentage, and as such it is the one Mahjong game you really ought to be playing for the maximum winning opportunities!

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